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About Us

Colombia es Pasión (Colombia is Passion)...

You are passionate about Colombia but you still don't know it!

We are passionate about Colombia and we have a particular Pasión (Passion) for Cartagena De Indias, the eternally pulsating heart of Colombia...the jewel of the Caribbean's.

Cartagena De Indias is a city on the northern coast of Colombia and the capital of Bolívar Department. Cartagena was Founded in 1533 and honoured by UNESCO as Historical Heritage of the Humanity. It was built by Spaniards during XV and XVI centuries. Visiting this particular destination is like visiting a museum in open air; the only difference being you can touch everything and become part of its magical spirit. Cartagena is a beach resort but yet an old historical city whose ancient walls are full of stories to tell, a poem which unveils only as you walk its legendary cobbled streets, a treasure waiting to be discovered. A beautiful and hospitable city where their is always something to do. Once you leave you will close your eyes and you will miss it...a warm feeling will take over, do not be surprised if you will already be planning for your second or third visit.

Cartagena De Indias has an ideal temperature all year round and it is a destination ideal for youngsters, families and the elderly. Whether you are coming to enjoy a culturally rich vacation, eat & relax in world famous restaurants & beaches or to party all day  - Cartagena is the place to be.

Imagine a destination that is Venice (Italy) and Miami (USA) 5 minutes apart from each other (except with less chaos) - that is Cartagena De Indias. But do not forget Cartagena also has its surrounding Caribbean Rosario Islands, not far away you will find the famous Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina islands...while the highest coastal mountain chain in the world is nearby at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. No wonder it is the number one destination in South America.

An old gateway to Cartagena De Indias is at the 'Muelle de los Pegasos'; the dock with an immaculate panorama which contributed to making Cartagena South Americas main port city. Guarded by the statues of Pegasus the dock awaits your excursions into the Caribbean seas and entrance to the enchanting city of Cartagena. PasionCartagena.com's icon is the Pegasus.

Once we were tourists visiting the enchanting Cartagena. Today we are a team composed of international members (Colombians, Canadians, Americans and Italians) who offer their products and services to you through PasionCartagena.com. PasionCartagena.com Real Estate, Tourism and Event Organising Services are operated through a network of business partners with a common goal - your satisfaction. If you wish to call or visit one of our offices in Cartagena De Indias please contact us.

PasionCartagena.com offers Tourism and Real Estate Services, Investor Services, Event Organising and Management Services in Cartagena, Colombia. PasionCartagena.com's products and services are for the tourist, the Resident (in Cartagena) and those who wish to invest or move to Cartagena De Indias, Colombia. We have the knowledge and capacity to make you experience Cartagena De Indias and other surrounding Southern Caribbean and Colombian City destinations to the fullest.

Whether you are alone, a couple, small or very large tour group or business group we are here for you. Exclusive Accommodations and Services for Private and Corporate Events. Legal Real Estate and Wedding Services.

With PasionCartagena.com you can rent a city or beach apartment, colonial house or villa, luxurious holiday rentals, rent boats, book rooms in charming boutique hotels, plan and organise your tours and holiday activities, organise your honeymoon, organise your wedding, organise a private party, organise a business conference or buy a property to live or start a business in Cartagena De Indias. You can also choose to travel to other fascinating surrounding destinations like Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park, the Coffee District, San Andres, Barranquilla, Medellin and the capital Bogota.

Let us help you organise and create your dream vacation, honeymoon, bachelor party, wedding, group tour, business meeting or private party in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia.

You, your friends, your family or organisation should all experience Cartagena's Caribbean magical breeze, magnificent islands and beaches, breathtaking sunsets, mix of tasty cuisines, tropical fruits you have never seen before, international festivals, rich history, fascinating culture, friendly people and lively nightlife - Rumba Latina!

The Old Walled City (Vieja Ciudad Amurallada) and The New Cartagena De Indias

For ages Spaniards and English, French and Dutch pirates savagely fought for Cartagena; for its gold, its beauty and sea port. Cartagena was founded in 1533 (by Pedro de Heredia) and became the treasure city of the Spanish Main, where precious stones and minerals from the New World awaited transhipment to Spain. Some of the sackings and invasions occurred between 1544 to 1586 by Sir Francis Drake , pirates Martín Côte, Robert Baal and John Hawkins and in 1741 Cartagena withstood a three-month British siege conducted by admiral Edward Vernon.

'La Heroica' Cartagena De Indias survived and finally gained its independence in 1811/1812 thanks to Simon Bolivar; the remains from its painful past resulted in the Old Walled City and its surroundings where you freeze to stare at the almost surreal 'balcones' (balconies) protruding from colourful spectacular colonial houses lined up on rustic narrow romantic streets, flower-filled courtyards, epic architectural structures and mesmerising mansions built in the 15th Century with Spanish, Dutch, Arab and French styles. The past influx of different cultures also resulted in a fascinating ethnically mixed population.

This historical side of Cartagena has a colonial charm that will simply infatuate you whether you like it or not.

History combines with Modernity as you move to the coast (5 minutes from the Old City). In contrast to the colonial Old City the coastal beach side of Cartagena, is more like Miami looks wise and party wise. The coast side includes El Laguito (the little lake), Bocagrande (big mouth) and Castillogrande (big castle) (all located between Cartagena Bay to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west). The areas are full of modern skyscrapers facing the Carribean Ocean with many hotels, shops, supermarkets casinos, café's, restaurants and nightclubs.

Use www.PassionCartagena.com to rent an apartment, beach house or villa in this Modern area; or book a room in a boutique hotel, rent an apartment, Colonial House or Villa in the Old City. Entire Boutique Hotels can be rented for special events like weddings or Corporate events.Then top it off by choosing the tours, excursions or holiday activities you want.

If you are on a budget please email us your request and we will contact you with the best solutions.

If you want a particular service or accommodation and you can not find it on the website please contact us as well.

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Investing or Moving to Cartagena:

Cartagena is a safe haven declared by UNESCO a World Cultural Heritage Site. People from all around the world seek to escape to this historical Caribbean beauty for vacation, to open a business, to invest or to live in peace and freedom for the rest of their lives.

If you plan to invest or live in Cartagena De Indias you should move quickly for as you know history repeats itself. Celebrities, large investment companies and all international Hotel Chains are here or are moving in...once again everybody will want a piece of this paradise. If you to want to buy a property in the Southern Caribbean or open a business please contact us.