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Book Private Cartagena City Tours in Cartagena Colombia, DAY TOURS of the City of Cartagena De Indias with bilingual Tour Guide and Private Vehicle

  • San Felipe De Barajas Castle - More Images of some of the Top Sights you will see and visit are available in the description
Prices are stated in the Product Description.
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Product Description

book cartagena city tours - private cartagena colombia day tours - tour type: POPA AND SAN FELIPE OLD TOWN CARTAGENA CITY TOUR with private Vehicle and dedicated Tour Guide.
Classic Cartagena City Tours - Statue of India Catalina and Don Pedro De Heredia; discover an exotic and intellectual history - Cartagena Colombia Day Tours

This Classic Cartagena City Tour is the Best Day Tour to start discovering the beauty of Cartagena de Indias, its heroic History, rich Culture and help you appreciate the most important areas of the Modern and Walled City of Cartagena De Indias. Book one of our Private Cartagena City Tours with professional bilingual Tour Guide(s) and private air-conditioned vehicle (car, van, mini bus, bus or buses) to experience the old town's historical and colourful streets, parks, squares and buildings with an exceptional colonial architecture. Visit the modern side at Isla Manga with its republican architecture and beautifully restored houses, the centuries old Bahia de Cartagena (Cartagena Bay), the massive San Felipe de Barajas Castle, the highest point at the Convent La Popa, the enchanting Torre del Reloj (Clock tower) and other Top Sights in Cartagena.

For the POPA and SAN FELIPE Private Cartagena City Tour Description, Itinerary, Price & Details - click here

To Reserve or to Book the POPA and SAN FELIPE Private Cartagena City Tour - click here

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If you are arriving by Cruise Ship then click here to see the excursion prices that apply in order for us to pick you up from the Port with a private vehicle and give you a memorable shore excursion

The Private Cartagena City Tours are provided directly by our Tour Operator in Cartagena (learn the advantages) and are ideal for singles, couples, families, groups and we cater to people with disabilities (vehicles are wheelchair accessible). Part of this Day Tour is by private air conditioned vehicle and part of it is a walking tour.

Click here to read a bit of History
Cartagena/Top Sights: Castle, Fortress 'Fuerte San Felipe De Barajas' and
the Convent of Santa Cruz de La Popa, the highest point in the City of Cartagena. TOP
Cartagena/Top Sights: the Fuerte San Felipe De Barajas, the greatest fortress ever built by the Spaniards in any of their colonies

Cartagena/Top Sights: the Colonial Convent of Santa Cruz de La Popa, the highest point in the City of Cartagena.

Are you searching for things to do in Cartagena Colombia, the top sights to see in Cartagena or for the tours with best reviews in Cartagena?

...potent bits of Cartagena History: For centuries and mostly during the Spanish Colonial era (16th - 18th century) famous French, English and American privateers, pirates and admirals like Robert Baal, Martin Cote, Laurens de Graaf, Francis Drake and Edward Vernon, constantly attempted to conquer the trade route strategically located City of Cartagena De Indias, but its fortification and mighty protectors like the Spanish Admiral Blas de Lezo heroically protected the rich City. Blas de Lezo lost an arm, a leg and an eye to protect the City of Cartagena, the gem of the Caribbean's. Apart from its trade routes and slave port activities, Cartagena's infrastructure was well developed and the City was made rich due to the stocks of gold stored in the City and the presence of Spanish royalty and wealthy viceroys who turned the City into a center of political and economic activity. Cartagena gained its independence (1811) from Spanish Rule to become Colombian but nobody will ever forget its Spanish founders and protectors. The tour will let you find out who founded Cartagena with his lover and native lady interpreter, and who liberated Cartagena forever? The wealthy colonial walled city is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are visiting the City of Cartagena then you will find that the tours with the best reviews are the Cartagena City Tours. Cartagena's colonial walled city and fortress are an UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most recommended and well reviewed tours to do in Cartagena Colombia is the City Tour of Cartagena because through it you will be able to learn about, see and experience Cartagena De India's rich History, Culture, Touristic attractions and the evident reasons why Cartagena, with its well preserved 16th century historical landmarks, mesmerising cobbled streets, monuments and strong fortifying walls has been proclaimed an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1984. Many prefer referring to it as 'La Heroica', for the amount and size of the attacks it survived. TOP

We are capable of delivering quality touristic services at such fair prices to you online because...
Private Cartagena Tours organised directly by our Tour Operator with 3 offices in the City of Cartagena; own AC'd vehicles and best Tour Guides in CartagenaPrivate Cartagena City Tours for Groups, Singles, Couples and Families organised directly by our Certified Tour Operator in the City of Cartagena De Indias.TOP
Communicate and Book Directly with our Tour Operator in Cartagena Colombia:
PasionCartagena.com is the sole online tourism services (tours, shore excursions, boat rentals, transportation vehicles, bodyguards, transfers, tour guides and translators) supplier that offers the fairest prices for tourism services in Cartagena De Indias and, with real time human assistance, gets you in direct contact with the source (the Tour Operator, organiser) that will provide the service you desire. Our Tour Operator Company in Cartagena owns its own fleet of registered vehicles and the best tour guides in Cartagena work in the Company or source work from our Company. 

We are capable of delivering quality touristic services at such fair prices to you online because:

  1. we created a partnership with the best of Tour Operators in Cartagena Colombia. Our Tour Operator Company has been accredited the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

  2. we do not charge an online booking fee

  3. for no extra cost we communicate and organise the tours (or service you requested) the traditional way directly with the tour organiser, on your behalf, until you want to communicate directly with them or you are ready to book

  4. because, along with our Tour Operator, we believe business and touristic services ( regular, public or private ) when possible should always be offered at affordable prices and not at exuberant price levels such as the marked up tour prices or prices with hefty invisible website booking fees offered online on websites like toursbylocals.com, viator.com, shoreexcursioneer.com or cruisecritic.com (and others)

  5. our partner owns a fleet of cars, vans, buses, limos and boats that we use to meet your requests with customised quick in-house logistics solutions - plus, the best tour guides, drivers and translators in the City work for our partner; this means transportation and service is all provided by one company


Tour Operators in Cartagena Colombia: Book Cartagena City Tours with Private Vehicle, Driver and professional Tour Guide

Submit the Booking Form below to get human assistance or booking confirmations directly from the tour organizer ( our Tour Operator in Cartagena ). Dealing directly with our registered Tour Operator in Cartagena, with three offices in Cartagena, guarantees you the best prices for drivers, guides, translators, transport services in Cartagena and from Cartagena to surrounding areas (two way trips). Furthermore you will receive a priority online service because your booking request will be monitored and presented through PasionCartagena.com and because you will be introduced as an important customer of PasionCartagena.com.

Here are some of the different tours of the City of Cartagena De Indias that you can book: to book a Regular or Public Cartagena City Tour ( shared vehicle and walking ) click here, to book a Private Walking Tour in Cartagena ( only walking ) click here, to book a Private Night Walking Tour in Cartagena ( only walking and by night ) click here, to book Private Cruises Shore Excursions in Cartagena ( for Cruise Ship Passengers ) click here or 

To Book the POPA and SAN FELIPE Private Cartagena City Tour click here

book cartagena city tours - private cartagena colombia day tours - tour type: POPA AND SAN FELIPE Cartagena City Tour TOP
Tour Description: We begin the tour from the modern side passing by the most beautiful, safe and secure bay of South America - 'La Bahia de Cartagena' (Cartagena Bay), following we will enjoy parts of the island of La Manga, visit the Convent of La Candelaria on the Cerro de La Popa (or other main attractions, see itinerary list below ), visit los Zapatos Viejos (the Old Shoe monument), and the powerful Fuerte San Felipe de Barajas (Fort San Felipe Castle). We take a walking tour through the Walled City's Old Town and our final stop will be at Las Bovedas (the Old Vaults) (where you can purchase souvenirs). For the Full Itinerary List with all the Top Sights you will see in the City - click here or keep reading

Cartagena City Tours / Top Sights: Bahia de Las Animas (Cartagena Bay)

Cartagena/Top Sights: Convent San Pedro Claver, where the Spanish priest Pedro Claver, 'servant of the African slaves forever', ministered and died. His tory deserves to be heard and never forgotten. Visit a beutiful colonial sanctuary with a dome, cloister, two floors and towers, stained glass windows, Italian marble, an organ, a choir...and the church still functions.

Cartagena/Top Sights: Torre Del Reloj (Clock Tower) and its fascinating stone wall which was part of the city's colonial fortification, Plaza de los Coches and Portal de los Dulces
Cartagena/Top Sights: Plaza de la Aduana, the largest colonial square in Cartagena, Great parades were and are still held in this elegant square where the old Royal Customs House (now the City Hall) resides.Cartagena/Top Sights: Cathedral of Cartagena, officially the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. In 1586, while still under construction, it was partially destroyed by the cannons of English privateer Francis Drake, it was then completed by 1612.
Cartagena/Top Sights: The classic and gorgeous Teatro de HerediaCartagena/Top Sights: Castle, Fortress 'Fuerte San Felipe De Barajas'
Cartagena/Top Sights: Centuries old Plaza Santo Domingo Square, still one of the most enchanting squares in ColombiaCartagena/Top Sights: the old and vibrant Portal de los Dulces & Plaza de los Coches

and more...

book cartagena city tours - private cartagena colombia day tours - tour type: POPA AND SAN FELIPE Cartagena City Tour TOP
Itinerary with Cartagena Top Sights list for this Private Tour: These points of interest and tourist attractions in Cartagena Colombia have been reviewed as some of the best places to visit in Cartagena. Learn about them with our professional tour guides in Cartagena. During these tours of the City of Cartagena De Indias you will see or visit the following top sights in Cartagena (not necessarily in this chronological order):

  • Pick you up
  • Bahía de Cartagena ( Cartagena Bay )
  • Isla de Manga ( panoramic viewing of the Manga Island )
  • La Popa ( Convent, if entry is allowed ) or Museo Santuario San Pedro Claver Sancuary Museum
  • Castillo San Felipe ( San Felipe Castle )
  • Monumento Zapatos Viejos Monument
  • Estatua India Catalina Statue

The Walking Tour through the Old Town in the Walled City: about half of our allocated time will be spent in the enchanting Old Town. The following tourist attractions and points of interest in Cartagena will be visited by foot:

  • Torre del Reloj ( Clock tower )
  • Estatua Pedro de Heredia Statue
  • Plaza de los Coches Square
  • Portal de los Dulces ( Sweets Portal; short stop to buy )
  • Plaza de la Aduana Square
  • Iglesia San Pedro Claver Church
  • Teatro Heredia Theatre
  • Plaza de Simón Bolívar Square
  • Plaza de Santa Teresa Square
  • Catedral de Cartagena Cathedral
  • Plaza Santo Domingo Square
  • Coffee break or try a fresh juice near the Bovedas
  • Our final stop: Las Bóvedas (last colonial construction, military barracks and today a set of arched art, craft and jewelry stores)

The tour usually ends at 6:00 pm. We can take you back to the place or hotel where we picked you up or you can continue enjoying walking in the old city on your own.

The itinerary is subject to possible changes due to unexpected works or circumstances.

Duration: approximately 4 Hrs

Tour Guide's Languages: Spanish / English

Other Languages: Tour Guides that speak other languages are available for an extra charge.


  • Prices are given in Colombian Pesos. To get an idea of the equivalent in another currency convert using xe.com. The final conversion rate is given only at the time of reservation and will vary from the exchange rate given by xe.com. Prices are subject to change.

  • Payment & Reservation: You can pay by Bank Transfer or Credit Card. To guarantee the reservation it is required that you pay 50% in advance. If you are in Cartagena you can pay in cash by visiting our office.

  • THE TOTAL PRICE YOU PAY = Price for the Private Tour Guide(s), Driver and Transportation + the Price for the tickets

Price for
 the Private Tour Guide(s), Driver and Transportation depending on number of persons and vehicle type:
No. Persons     VEHICLE Type      Price for the Private Tour Guide(s), Driver and Transportation

1 – 2                 Automobile            435.000   + Tickets
3 – 6                 Van                       510.000   + Tickets
7 – 10               Microbus                555.000   + Tickets
11 – 15             Microbus                675.000   + Tickets
16 – 25             Bus                       780.000    +  Tickets
26 – 38             Bus                       1.035.000 + Tickets

Prices above Include:

  • Professional English and Spanish speaking Tour guide.
  • Private Driver and Air Conditioned Vehicle (vehicles are wheelchair accessible). Luxury Vehicles available for an extra cost.
  • Private Air Conditioned Transport to and from pick up location.*We can not pick you pick up if you are located in certain restricted areas of the city. In such cases we will arrange for a common meeting point.
  • Priority Booking through PasionCartagena.com
  • Book directly with our legally registered Tour Operator Company in Cartagena; provides own vehicles and drivers for transportation services and qualified tour guides
  • Admissions and tickets are not included

Price for the Tickets: to enter La Popa Convent + San Felipe Castle = 46.000 Colombian Pesos Per Person

What you need:

  • relax and enjoy
  • camera, extra batteries (just in case)
  • cash for food, drinks and especially for the souvenir shopping you may be doing at the 'Las Bóvedas' Market and Historical attraction.


( If you are arriving by Cruise Ship the prices are different - click here to see the Prices that apply in order for us to pick you up from the port )


DETAILS ( or click here for the Booking Form )

Pick Up: We pick you up from the hotel, building or villa where you will be staying. If you are arriving by cruise ship then we will pick you up from the Port (extra costs apply if you arrive by Cruise Ship and we have to pick you up from inside the Port). Final instructions will be given to you along with your confirmed booking.

End location: We will drop you off where we picked you up.

Price and How to Book this Private Cartagena City Tour: This is one of our best priced Cartagena Colombia Day Tours, for the PRICES click here. To book this Private City Tour please fill in the Booking Form, click here for the Booking Form. Prices are subject to change every 6 months or year.

Activity Level and Restrictions: This tourism activity is okay for kids, adults and people on wheelchairs. Part of the tour involves sightseeing from a/c van and stopping at locations, and the other part takes place walking through the old city. If you are in a wheelchair (please inform us) it is not a problem and you will be able to enjoy the tour. These Cartagena City Tours are ideal for Singles, Couples, small groups and large tour groups that want to get to know the charming old city of Cartagena and also see its modern side.

Availability: There is a high chance that you can take the Tour on the 'Preferred Date' you submit in the Form below. However, sometimes (very rarely) we are fully booked and other times the weather conditions are not good for a tour. In the Booking form below please submit two dates. A Preferred Date and an 'Alternative Date'. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours and will be lead by our experienced professional bilingual tour guide. If you want to take the Tour for more than 4 hours - there is an extra cost per hour for the transportation and guide.

If you are single, a couple or small group please be sure to book the tour as soon as possible. If you are a large group or a leader of a large group of tourists arriving by cruise ship then please try to book the tour 1 week before the date you want to take the tour.

Cartagena Tours for Cruise Passengers - the following information is only for Cruise Ship Group Leaders  or tourists arriving by Cruise Ship to Cartagena (Cruises Shore Excursions Cartagena): If you arrive by cruise ship then there are extra costs to be paid. These costs are for allowing us to enter the port to pick you up with a private vehicle, for the private vehicle with driver and for the professional tour guide. At the end of the tour the same private transportation will drop you off back at the port. To see the prices that apply when you arrive by Cruise Ship and we have to pick you up from the port of Cartagena De Indias click here.

Cancellation Policy: You are booking/reserving this tour with our registered Tour Operator in Cartagena, therefore all cancellations are subject to only a 20% administrative cancellation fee, and instead of cancelling you can also change your tour date, or pass your paid booking on to a friend or family that can take the tour in your place.


If you want the best price then you found it, it's on this page. Feel free to compare our prices to any other local or international company, agency or online website such as viator.com, tripadvisor.com, shoreexcursioneer.com or cruisecritic.com. We are confident you will come back to us as our prices are fairer.

If you want a quality service then you should check the tour operator that will be giving you the tour. Through us you do not need to check as we are partners with the Tour Operator in Cartagena that will be providing the tour to you.

BENEFITS for you by PasionCartagena.com Tour Operators Services in Cartagena Colombia:

  • best online price for tours in Cartagena
  • no website booking fees
  • last minute availability
  • communicate and book directly with a registered
    tour operator company in Cartagena
  • own transport vehicles
  • screened professional tour guides
  • best sites itinerary created by repeated experience
  • real time human personalised and multilingual assistance
  • cut the line, reservation priority service
  • be 100% sure that the tour, excursion, transport or boat charter is booked for you (no surprises!)
  • specialised in Cartagena and surrounding Colombian destinations

cartagena city tours - private cartagena colombia day tours - tour type: POPA AND SAN FELIPE Cartagena City Tour TOP
How to Book/Reserve: To reserve this Pivate Tour please Submit the Booking Form / Reservation Form below. If the Form does not appear please contact us.



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