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El Laguito 2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Cartagena Colombia Apartment Rentals, Best & Secure Beach Side Vacation Rentals

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Rental price for this Apartment is $120 USD per night. Capacity for 4 Persons.
2 BR Apt laguito_15tA
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Product Description

Cartagena Colombia Apartment Rentals - 2 BEDROOM Apartment with Ocean View, located in a Luxury Skyscraper between the El Laguito & Bocagrande Touristic Areas.

El Laguito Cartagena Colombia. Image shows the 'Boca' Mouth of the El Laguito Touristic Area - CLICK For Large Image Apartment is located in the Best & Most Secure area in El Laguito - CLICK For Large Image Where is the Apartment located? On the North Side of El Laguito right at the entrance of Bocagrande Cartagena Colombia - CLICK For Large Image 

Scroll down to reserve this El Laguito Apartment in Cartagena Colombia or to picture your Caribbean stay in this house. This apartment is an ideal vacation rental for a group of friends, girlfriends getaway, group of couples, bachelorette or bachelor party accommodation, business men/lwomen or families looking to rent a House in Cartagena Colombia. Why Rent with us?: Personalised Service, Best Rental Rates...for other reasons why to rent through us click here

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Cartagena Colombia Apartment Rentals - 2 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom El Laguito Apartment for Rent
Apartment's Description, Pictures & Living in its Amenities:
Live unforgettable nights in the Magical Cartagena, the Pearl of the Caribbean...Enjoy breathtaking tropical sunsets from your balcony....and let the Caribbean sunrise welcome you to another day in paradise. The apartment is located on the 15th floor of the best Skyscraper built in the lively and sprouting touristic area of El Laguito. This comfortable apartment is located in the most secure area between El Laguito and Bocagrande.

Apartment's Entrance, Kitchen (seperate room behind kitchen for washing/drying), Dining Area. CLICK For Large Image Dining Area; sitting Table and Bar with high chairs. CLICK For Large Image

Apartment's Living Room. CLICK For Large Image Apartment's Kitchen. CLICK For Large Image Two Bathrooms. CLICK for Large Image

Some of the advantages of renting accommodation in the beach side of Cartagena (El Laguito being in the beach side of Cartagena) are that you will be living attached to a real Caribbean coast, with the beach across the wide street from your apartment and panoramic ocean views for you to enjoy from your private balcony and bedroom. If you stay in the center you cannot enjoy such skyscraper views and breath in that unpolluted Caribbean coastal oxygen. The city center is almost constantly full of cars and taxis roaming about.   TOP

Enjoy spectacular Views from the Apartment's Balcony

The Apartment has 2 Bedrooms. BED SETUP: 1 Double and 1 Single or 2 Doubles. CLICK For Large Imaage

Another advantage of living in the Beach Side of Cartagena is that you will meet more genuine locals and experience a much diverse lively atmosphere. The center offers a different unique experience and atmosphere. The El Laguito and Bocagrande areas seamlessly cater to (all classes) locals, Colombians, foreign tourists and business travelers to enjoy a vacation in South America's best vacation spot - Cartagena! Other areas and the city center of Cartagena do not have this variety of (classes) people all living in the area, hence making them less lively then the El Laguito and Bocagrande areas. Further down the southeast side of El Laguito is the new and rich Castillo Grande area as well.  TOP

The city center is only 5 minutes distant by taxi. At night or afternoon you can explore the city center (entertainment, restaurants, bars, clubs, events), continue your night in the city center or move to Bocagrande....as the night comes to an end (if it does) you can head back to your skyscraper apartment where you can have a night cap or continue partying with your friends and guests.

Furthemore, another advantage is that when night comes and all food shops, supermarkets and restaurants are closed in the city center - rest assure that you will find fast foods, pharmacies, mini markets nightclubs and casinos still active in the El Laguito and Bocagrande areas.

Invite guests over to your apartment in Cartagena to enjoy relaxing in your private apartment, sunbathing at the building's pool or to have a drink while admiring beautiful views (which are always a good conversation starter) from your balcony.

Walk out of the building: Take a right to head to Bocagrande or take a left to explore El Laguito 's beach restaurants and coffee shops. Right in front of the building, in the middle of the street is a small and nicely designed police station (barely visible but keeping the area secure for you, your guests or family). If you want to indulge into good food or romantic restaurant outings then try the fine grill open air restaurant at the end of El Laguito (walking distance from the building, next to the Hilton), the steak restaurant in front of your building where you can easily meet new people and where the staff is very friendly, other places where to eat are available as well. Head to Bocagrande for other exquisite bakeries, Italian ice cream shops, American fast foods, traditional and modern restaurants and coffee shops.

The lively beach full of beautiful Colombian people is across the street. Walk out of the building, cross the street, take a right, pass the mini supermarket after the Dann Hotel, pass the bus station and take the wide left sandy opening...


Cartagena Colombia Apartment Rentals - 2 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom El Laguito Apartment for Rent

Capacity: this type of apartment can accommodate up to 6 persons 

Apartment Includes:

  • 2 Bedrooms.
  • Bed Arrangements:
    - 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and 1 bedroom with 1 Double Bed  or
    - 2 bedrooms with 2 double beds
  • Balcony with Views
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Open plan: Living Room, Dining Area and Kitchen
  • Seperate Room with washing machine located behind kitchen
  • Guests in Cartagena: Invite Guests over free of charge. For your security they only have to show their ID to the security of the building.
  • Cable TV in Living Room
  • WIFI
  • cleaning service and cooks available for a seperate charge
  • You will find all the best entertainment, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, clubs and the finest restaurants walking distance from the House.

Skyscraper Building Facilities:

  • ground floor entrance via small ramp and large main entrance with stairs
  • elevators
  • swimming pool
  • gym with basic equipment
  • private parking
  • 24hr Security
  • Amenities Next to Building:
  • Restaurants, shops, taxi's, agencies, coffee shops, casino, nightclubs, bars, cash machines, Beach Bars, Banks, Private Beach...
  • Apartment is located 5 minutes from the City Center by taxi
  • Apartment is located 5 to10 min walking to Bocagrande (depending on your pace)

Rental Rates / Prices:
Please note you can only rent the entire Apartment. Rental Prices for this apartment vary depending on Season (Low, Mid & High Season):

- Low Season (February - 14 June, 16 August - October) rental price is $120 USD per night

- Mid Season rental price is $150 USD per night

- High Season (18 April- 24 April, 15 December - 15 January) rental price is $420 USD.    During high season it is required that you reserve the house for a Minimum of 7 nights.

You can rent this property from 2 nights to 30 nights or even an entire year, as you wish.

Discounts: We can give you a discount if you reserve the house for 7 or more nights. If you reserve the house for less than 7 nights then the prices above apply. During High Season we can give you a discount if you reserve the house for 10 or more nights.

Guaranteed Reservation: To Guarantee the reservation it is required that you pay 50% of the total amount due. The other 50% of the total amount due can be paid upon arrival date, before you receive the keys.

Payment Methods & Terms: You can pay by Bank Transfer or with Credit Card. If you pay by credit card there is a 10% charge to cover. 

Personalised Reservations & BEST Rental Price Guarantee: See 'Benefits for you by PasionCartagena.com' - click here


BENEFITS for you by PasionCartagena.com:

- Access to Availability of handpicked Apartments for Rent in Cartagena Colombia

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- PasionCartagena.com Personalised Service: This is not an automated booking website or a mass listing website. Our offers are curated by One Human specialist (your 'Personal Assistant') who is given the responsibility of answering your requests, ensuring that you get a priority booking service from the source in Cartagena and providing you with an alternative similar accommodation in the case that the property you requested is not available. Service is pursued via Email, Addresses & Phone Numbers of the sources are available upon your intentions. Personalised assistance persists while you are completing your reservation and during your stay in Cartagena.

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PasionCartagena.com rental prices and services are simply better because of our direct relations with the providers, property & hotel owners (the sources in Cartagena) and because this website 'services you', while the vacation rental websites & hotel booking websites below do not give a personalised customer service experience but rather focus on automated bookings and pushing unwanted property listings onto your screen.
Start comparing or Trust Us, and think quick when deciding to rent because our properties are rented very quickly by locals & foreigners who visit Cartagena. START RENTAL PRICE COMPARISON: To be able to compare our best rental rates you will need to first submit the Reservation Form below. We will then send you the final Best Rental Rate for this property, which you can then use to compare to rental rates on:
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The benefits ABOVE are applicable only if you reserve by submitting the Reservation Form below.


To reserve this house please Submit the Reservation Form below. If the Form does not appear please contact us. If this property is not available for the dates you request - we will offer you an alternative accommodation.




2 BR Apt laguito_15tA

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