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Services in Cartagena Colombia


PasionCartagena.com is the only on-line gateway dedicated to tourists visiting Cartagena, citizens of Cartagena, foreigners resident in Cartagena, Investors and Companies who need business services in Cartagena Colombia, Professionals and Artists in Cartagena that live, work or come to find inspiration from the magical Walled City of Cartagena, Colombia.

Only pre-screened qualified individuals, professionals, shops, companies, property managers and hotel owners are allowed to offer their services on PasionCartagena.com.

Providers work in partnership with PasionCartagena.com and must abide to rules and procedures that are imposed by PasionCartagena.com to the benefit of the customer, you.

This website is not meant for massive listings but rather quality owned listings and offerings to meet your particular needs. Here you can find Real Estate, Business, Marketing & Advertising, Health and Catering Services in Cartagena Colombia, and more...


News & Special Offers in Cartagena, Colombia. Blog By PasionCartagena.com