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- Here you will find exclusive Colombian Souvenirs like the handmade and colourful Wayuu, Arhuaco and Kankui drawstring Mochilas (' mochila Colombiana ' means Colombian bag) and Eco Tagua Nut home decor and accessories. The Wayuu, Arhuacos and Kankuamo's are indigenous tribes whose traditional crafts have gained worlwide fame for their practicality, uniqueness and meaning. Top interntional and Colombian fashion designers and critics have been susrprised and influenced by the tribes mochilas and creative designs - consequently proclaiming the Wayuu Mochila the 'it' bag of 2011. However, the tribes themselves have been crafting and using the bags for more than 100 years.

- Colombian Souvenirs & other unique gifts from Around the World are offered through our partner website www.FaridasPassions.com.  Whatever you order you will find in your hotel room or apartment at your arrival to Cartagena De Indias. Alternatively we can deliver the products you order to your address wherever you are in the world. You can also request that we send the gift to your family, girlfriend or business partner in Cartagena De Indias or surrounding areas.

- Here you will also find products or services offered by boutique shops in the city of Cartgena De Indias or surrounding areas. Find out where to purchase Colombian designer Swimwear, clothing and accessories made by the top Colombian fashion designers. Find travel essentials and special contact lists with - Restaurant Menus (to budget your food expenses), markets, food home delivery, tour guides and phone numbers in Cartagena De Indias.

- If you are a wedding guest travelling to Cartagena for a wedding or you are having your wedding in Cartagena then you can buy wedding gifts for the bride/groom or for your wedding guests here. You may want to buy the bride/groom getting married in Cartagena a unique gift from Egypt - visit our parnter website www.FaridasPassions.com and you will find many beautiful oriental wedding gifts. FaridasPassions.com will deliver the gifts to Cartagena De Indias or any address you want.

- Remember to include money for shopping when travelling to Cartagena De Indias. However, if you forget you can always do your shopping here.

- for Advertisers & Sellers: Do you want to advertise or sell your exclusive product, travel essentials, your services or your shop here? Contact us

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