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Totumo Mud Volcano Tour Cartagena Colombia. Bath into the Mud for a truly Unique Cleansing Experience. Fun and Therapeutical Excursion to the Volcano ideal for adults and children. Tour For Singles Couples or Large Cruise Groups

  • Have a healthy Mud Bath in the Totumo Volcano!
$ 85 USD per Person
To Book this Tour please fill in the Booking Form at the bottom of this page

Product Description

It is time to get dirty... let the mud cleanse you! The Totumo Volcano mud is waiting for you. This is an excursion truly unique to Cartagena De Inidas. The Totumo Volcano is a 20 meter high volcano with a crater full of mud well known in the region for its medicinal properties.
The main highlight of the excursion is the Mud Bath you will take inside the Crater! There is no other Mud Volcano like this one in the world, spread it over you for a unique skin treatment.

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Mud Volcano Totumo Tour in Cartagena De Indias


  • Pick you up from cruise ship port, hotel or guest house you are staying in
  • Excursion starts off from Cartagena by a/c car, van or bus
  • Travel time to reach the Volcano is about a 45 min. ride
  • Once we arrive you will take a short walk to the top of the 15 meter extinct Volcano
  • You will enter the Volcano (take wooden steps into the pit)
  • Bath, Soak and enjoy up to 30 mins...you will love it!
  • Have a massage from one of the locals
    (tip at the end welcome. Normally a couple US$ is welcome. Bring small change in pesos).
  • After bathing, walk to the back of the volcano and rinse off in the lagoon called a "cienega".
  • Local ladies will help you remove the mud in hard to see spots (recommended).
  • We head back to Cartagena by a/c car, van or bus, 45 min. ride.
  • You will be dropped off from the location you were picked up from

EXTRAS (not includes in above price):
LUNCH & DRINKS: You can have a typical lunch (fried fish or chicken) next to the Volcano.
Lunch has a separate cost of approximately COP$20,000/person.
A beer will cost you between US$1.00 and US$2.00, while a tasty Coconut drink will cost approx US$1.00.
You can decide to have lunch while you are at the Volcano.
Please NOTE that if we stay for lunch an additional fee may be applicable as the transport is only booked for 3 hrs.
If you want to confirm extending your stay for a delicious local lunch, please let us know in advance.

Suggested Pocket Money/Spare Cash for Tips:
It would be ideal if you kept approximately COP$ 40,000 Pesos for tips to give, a possible lunch or
drinks you may want to consume at the Volcano. Bear in mind that a tip is around
$2.00 USD; it is best if you keep it in small change.
 The tips may go for a massage or to the women who helps you rinse the mud off (you will need help).



How Many are you? If you are 1 person or 3 persons a car will pick you up. If you are a group of 4 or more a van or bus will pick you up.
If you are more than 3 persons their will be an extra cost for transportation of approximately $145 USD.
For example you may be 9 persons - then the price is $85 USD per person + $145 USD (for a vehicle that takes up to 10 passengers)
From 4 to 10 persons the additional cost for the transportation is of $145 USD
11 to 18 = $185 USD
19 to 28 = $245 USD
50 people = $310 USD

This is an exceptional offer for a 'Totumo Volcano Tour'.
Make sure you read what our tour includes (read below) when comparing it to other tours.

Price and How to Book the Tour: The Price is $85 USD per person. To book this Tour please fill in the Booking Form below or click here.
If the booking form does not appear please contact us.

Availability: There is a high chance that you can take the Tour on the 'Preferred Date' you submit in the Form below.
However, sometimes we are fully booked and other times the weather conditions are not good for a tour.
In the Booking form below please submit two dates. A preferred dae and an 'Alternative Date'.

Cruise Ship Group Leaders please remember to call 3 to 4 weeks before to book the tour and get priority services.

Activity Level:
This Tourism Activity is okay for children, adults and handicap people.
However, handicapped people can enjoy visiting and seeing the Volcano but they will not be able to walk up the Volcano and enter it.
The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and will be lead by our experienced professional bilingual tour guide.
If you want to take the Tour for more than 3 hours - there is an extra cost of $ 60 USD per hour for the transportation and guide.
This is a weather friendly tour. Meaning that if it is raining we can still go. It is great to jump in the mud when it's raining!
This Totumo Volcano Tour is ideal for Large groups arriving by Cruise Ship, Small Groups, Couples or Singles.

Meet up location & Departure:
We will meet you at the cruise ship terminal, airport, apartment or hotel you are staying in.
Our guide will be holding a sign with your name.

Cruise Ship Passengers: We will meet you at the bottom of the gangplank.
Please wait on the finger dock as you get off the ship. You will find us holding a sign with your group leaders name on it.

End location: We will drop you off where ever we picked you up. 

Tour Service includes:  

  • Fluent English and Spanish Speaking Personal Tour guide.
  • Transport to and from pick up location (we can not pick you pick up if you are
    located in certain restricted areas of the city. In such a case we will arrange for a common meeting point)
  • Admissions and tickets for:
    • Entrance Ticket to Volcano Totumo

What you need:  

  • bathing suit and towel
  • camera, extra batteries (just in case)
  • fun attitude
  • some spare cash in small bills for tips and extra cash for possible lunch or drinks (see section called 'Extras')
  • DO NOT bring any jewelry! If it slips into the mud you will never find it again.






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