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Tourism Services and Tours in Cartagena Colombia

Tourism Services and Tours in Cartagena Colombia. There are plenty of memorable excursions and tours to do in Cartagena Colombia. We place at your disposition the choice of Regular tours and Private tours in Cartagena Colombia and around the Caribbean Coast. Below you can select and book Cartagena Day Tours, Excursions, Activities & Trips.

Regular Cartagena City Tour / Private Cartagena City Tour: It is suggested that you first book a walking tour of the Walled City of Cartagena. Tours in the Walled City of Cartagena can be by foot, by chariot, with private vehicle or with a bus shared with other tourists. If you take a private tour of the City of Cartagena then you can customise the stops. You can also take our Cartagena Gastronomic Tour. Select a Gastronomic Tour in Cartagena to experience and taste Cartagena's traditional cuisine and fusion cuisine, during the Cartagena Gastronomic Tour you will also take a walking tour of the City which will help you digest that wonderful food.

Private Tour of Cartagena by Horse & Carriage ( Cartagena Chariot Tours / Horse drawn Carriage Rides in Cartagena Colombia ). Afternoon or Night tours with horse drawn carriage to learn about Cartagena's history, breath in the magical Caribbean breeze and feel like royalty as your chariot passes through the rich cobble stone streets, authentic roundabouts, colonial mansions and colourful balconies protruding over your chariot, welcoming you...Choose to ride on a Red or Black Chariot. Traditionally these fairy tale like chariots were the main means of transport for royalty in the once Spanish Empire living in the Colonial City of Cartagena De Indias. The symbol of the Cartagena Horse & Carriage are an important part of the city's history, since these were the means of transport in the past and are still available today.

Chiva Bus Ride Tour:
For the tourists looking for an entertaining night tour book the Cartagena Chiva Bus Ride Tour. During the Chiva Bus Ride you can drink typical liquor on the bus, see the city and learn (live experienced guide with microphone) a bit about its history, listen to typical live vallenato music and end up at one of the best night clubs (entrance included) in Cartagena's center. Best of all really feel free as you are driven away in your open air Chiva, even locals love to take the ride to party. PARTY ON THE CHIVA MEANS - Go Wild, Sing, Drink, Meet New People, Laugh with a showman as a guide and fun music! Let's PARTY on the Chiva Bus! If you are a large group you can reserve an entire Chiva Bus to start your party.

Rosario Islands Tours ( Islas del Rosario Tours ) - Book Tour to the Rosario Islands and have Lunch on the Island you want!
Pick another one or two days to experience Island Day Tours from Cartagena to the Rosario Islands or Baru Island. To plan it well and make sure you take the tours when you want, you should plan and reserve your tours at least 1 week before. After being introduced to the colonial charm of the Walled City take an exotic excursion to the Rosario Islands; see and explore its 27 islands of the Natural Park Corales Islas del Rosario, admire this Caribbean's magical sea ecosystem while scuba diving or snorkelling; see colorful fish, corals, abundance of sea fauna, flora and plants. Stop at the island you want to have an exquisite lunch and enjoy that Island's facilities. While in the Islands you can also visit the 'Oceanary' to see all kinds of sea life in their natural environment: including sea turtles, sharks and a unique dolphin show.

Cartagena FlyBoard Excursion, ( Fly board or Flying Board ) Water Sports Entertainment in Cartagena Colombia:
Book a Flying board ( FlyBoard ) experience and let the super hero in you have fun. People using Flying boards in Cartagena are slowly becoming an everyday spectacle. Be one of those adventurous persons that people will see flying in the air over the Caribbean Ocean. Enjoy it and know that others will be inspired while watching you fly. Adrenaline Rush Water Sports excursion with Flying boards and Jet skis. Not for the faint hearted.

Tour Volcano Totumo with Private Vehicle and Tour Guide.
A short distance from the city you can experience the Volcano Totumo; El Totumo Mud Volcano is a mud volcano popular for its mud-bath.

Eco Tour of La Boquilla Fishing Village and Mangroves in Cartagena Colombia.
Located to the north of Cartagena, the tiny fishing village of La Boquilla is populated by mainly Afro-Colombian ethnic groups who have been inhabiting the region for more than 200 years. Their rich history includes diverse cultural traditions and art characteristic of many Caribbean coastal villages in Colombia. For those of you craving some ecotourism Cartagena's Mangroves and La Boquilla 's Fishing Village offer untouched natural environments for you to experience.

Tours of Santa Marta - Cartagena to Santa Marta ( Public or Private Tours ).
Colombia's oldest city, Santa Marta, Founded in July 29, 1525 by the Spanish conquistador Rodrigo de Bastidas, is located approximately 4 hours from the city of Cartagena Colombia. Santa Marta was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia. On the other hand Simon Bolivar died in Santa Marta. Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military man (among other things) who liberated Colombia (among other countries) from the Spanish Empire. Today it is internationally known for its tourism and port activities.

Santa Marta City Tour - from Cartagena to Santa Marta -  is a classic tour that will show you how beautiful Colombia's natural landscape, coast and environment are, creating a truly unique Caribbean city. The city of Santa Marta has the mystical Sierra Nevada Mountains just covering its back and the Caribbean Ocean in the front. One of the tribes that lives in the Sierra Nevada are the Arhuacos who consider the mountains of Santa Marta the center of the world. It has a tropical rainforest, it is the source of 36 rivers and it plays an important role in our world's ecosystem.

Parque Tayrona National Park DAY TOUR - from Cartagena to Parque Tayrona.
One of the most important natural parks of Colombia, located in the department of Magdalena where you can enjoy a magnificent tropical landscape, wild life, coral formations and crystal clear beaches. You will be taken with a private vehicle from Cartagena to Parque Tayrona, which is located in Santa Marta.

Barranquilla City Tour - from Cartagena to Barranquilla.
One day tour to a beautiful Caribbean city. During the classic Barranquilla City Tour you will Enjoy a Panoramic tour of the city of Barranquilla including Barrio El Prado, Amira de la Rosa Theatre, School of Fine Arts, Romelio Martinez Stadium, Museo del Caribe. Select to travel from Cartagena to Barranquilla with your private vehicle and guide or travel with a group of tourists.

3 Day Tour to Mompox ( Santa Cruz de Mompox  / Mompos ) - from Cartagena to Mompox - Private or Public Excursion.
Santa Cruz de Mompox is a magical island in the middle of the Magdalena River. Mompox, the largest freshwater island in South America, is known for its marvelous architecture and romantic atmosphere. It's particular geographical location, well preserved colonial infrastructure and its role in history make the town of Mompox a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mompox is a must see destination. In colonial times the town was an important trade center, so safe it had a royal mint and much gold was brought in for the local goldsmiths. Many powerful people preferred living and keeping their capital safe in Mompox because its remoteness from the Caribbean Sea made it difficult for pirates and corsairs to reach and attack. The mesmerizing architecture and streets of that rich colonial society have been preserved, one may say, in the middle of nowhere.

Cartagena Tourism Services For Cruise Ship Passengers that stop in Cartagena Colombia.
If you are arriving by Cruise Ship then find out what you can do in Cartagena Colombia during your cruise ship stop. Rent a Private Boat to Adventure into the Rosario Islands, take a Walking Tour of the Wonderfully Preserved Colonial Walled City and have dinner at one of the enchanting 'Baluarte' restaurants, fall in love again during a Romantic Carriage Ride, take a day trip outisde of Cartagena, Sunbathe in a Private Yacht, play Sea Sports in Cartagena's Caribbean Ocean, or be a super hero flying over the sea by booking the Flyboard Excursion. Tourism Services for handicaps arriving by cruise ship to Cartagena are available.

Find our Professional Tour Guides waiting for you or your group at the port upon arrival.

Organise and Book Tours in Cartagena Colombia for individuals, couples, families or tours for large groups arriving by cruise ship. Pay, with confidence, for services offered by our Nationally and Internationally Registered direct Tour Operator Company composed of Multilingual Tour Guides.

Cruise ship leaders can book ahead of time and organise memorable tours for their customers stopping in Cartagena.

Cruise Ship Arrivals Schedule to Cartagena. Learn about the Caribbean Cruise Ships that Stop in Cartagena De Indias. Be informed about the Cruise Ships arrival schedule. By booking tours ahead of time Individuals and Small Groups that arrive by cruise ship to Cartagena can spend time customising their tour itinerary in order to enjoy Cartagena as they want to. Upon customising your itinerary we will make sure you or your group are taken back to the cruise ship as per the cruise ship schedule, on time.

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