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VIP Caribbean Luxury Holiday Home Rental Cartagena Colombia Private Vacation House for Rent Elite Accommodation in the Walled City Center of Cartagena De Indias Colombia

  • After you submit the Reservation Form - we will send you all the large pictures of this property or pictures of another accommodation that suits your needs.
Rental price for the Entire House is $4,400 USD per night, Capacity 12 Persons
To Reserve please submit the Form at the bottom of this page. If this property is not available for the dates you request we will offer you a similar luxurious property.

Product Description

Luxury VIP Caribbean Holiday Home Rental in Cartagena De Indias Colombia (Old Town - Walled City):

Spectacular Villa with Beautiful Views & A Breezy, Mystical Indoor Space (7 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms. Capacity for 12 Persons)

Fabulous Colonial Vacation House for Rent located right in the historical walled center of Cartagena De Indias Colombia. Caribbean vacation rentals ideal for a group of friends, wedding guests, business travellers, vip accommodation, holiday home for a family or group of families. Colonial House for rent with 7 Bedrooms, Sleeps up to 12 persons. This holiday home rental can accommodate all your friends, wedding guests or business partners seeking ultimate luxury.

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You will be left mesmerised by the simple yet rich interior décor and the historical colonial architecture of this house. This holiday home rental has 5 floors with large spaces where you and your family or guests can enjoy the authenticity of the house and its surroundings. A terrace on the the 3rd floor with Jacuzzi and unforgettable views of the Caribbean ocean. This vacation house is known for having the best views of the domes in the walled city. The house has its Swimming Pool, cozy Movie Theatre room, 7 bedrooms, living room, spacious dining and relax areas, fully equipped modern kitchen, internet and maid service. Mater bedroom with bathtub and private terrace. Each bedroom with air conditioning, telephones, cable tv, and private bathroom. The house is located inside the Walled City and you will find all amenities, entertainment and fine restaurants walking distance from the House.

The following image shows the beautiful VIP House in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia:
After you submit the Reservation Form that is at the bottom of this page - we will send you all the pictures of this property or pictures of another accommodation that suits your needs.

Rent VIP House in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia


can accommodate 12 persons

Accommodation Details: 7 bedrooms with a private bathroom and air conditioning. 5 bedrooms with double bed and 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds. The house comes with 2 Housemaids at your disposal. Telephone, wifi, cable tv, pool, Jacuzzi, terraces and gazebo.

Prices (rental rates): Please note you can only rent the entire house. Rental Prices for the Entire House vary depending on Season (Low, Mid & High Season):

- Low Season rental price is approx. $4,400 USD per night

- Mid Season (Semana Santa/June to August/ Reinado Miss Colombia Event ) rental price is approx. $4,580 USD per night

- High Season (15 Dec to 15 Jan) rental price is approx. $5,200 USD per night. During High Season it is required that you reserve the house for a Minimum of 7 nights.

You can rent the Entire House from 2 nights to 30 nights or even an entire year, as you wish. 

Discounts: We can give you a discount if you reserve the house for 7 or more nights. During High Season we can give you a discount if you reserve the house for 10 or more nights.

Guaranteed Reservation: To Guarantee the reservation it is required that you pay 50% of the total amount due. The other 50% of the total amount due must be paid 15 Days before your arrival date.

Payment Methods & Terms: You can pay by Bank Transfer or with Credit Card. If you pay by credit card their is a 10% charge to cover.

Secuity Deposit: 1,000 USD

Note for Events: If you want to rent the house for a sepcial event please note that the price when renting for an event (e.g. wedding) is approx. $900 USD plus the rental price. Maximum Guest Capaicty for events = 50. (only 12 persons can sleep in the house)

Personalised Reservations & BEST Rental Price Guarantee: See 'Benefits for you by PasionCartagena.com' - click here


BENEFITS for you by PasionCartagena.com:

- Access to Availability of Exclusive Luxury Houses for rent in Cartagena Colombia .

..here are some other exclusive houses for rent in cartagena colombia:
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- No Website Booking Fees - be 100% sure that the accommodation or rental property you select is reserved (NO Surprises!)

- PasionCartagena.com Network Partners - Really Book from the Local Source: It's true when they say "it costs less when you rent it from the source", but do not forget to check that rental property and rental service offered by the source are of quality as well. We work only with a few pre-screened qualified local sources that compose the PasionCartagna.com Network of Partners: Reserve this luxury house directly with the main and only Luxury Services & Rentals Company in Cartagena (registered in Cartagena Colombia & the USA) that manages and rents this house under the Owner's contractual authorisation.

- PasionCartagena.com Personalised Service: This is not an automated booking website or a mass listing website. Our offers are curated by One Human specialist (your 'Personal Assistant') who is given the responsibility of answering your requests, ensuring that you get a priority booking service from the source in Cartagena and providing you with an alternative similar accommodation in the case that the property you requested is not available. Service is pursued via Email, Addresses & Phone Numbers of the sources are available upon your intentions. Personalised assistance persists while you are completing your reservation and during your stay in Cartagena.

- Best Rental Price Guarantee by Rental Rate Comparison: You may wish to compare our rental prices for vacation houses for rent in Cartagena Colombia, to our competitors websites rental prices - because you need reassurance that PasionCartagena.com offers the best deals for renting luxury Houses in Cartagena Colombia. The following information will take you to various competitors websites that list many Cartagena offers: popular vacation apartments or houses for rent in Cartagena Colombia.

PasionCartagena.com rental prices and services are simply better because of our relations with the providers (the sources in Cartagena) and because this website 'services you', while the vacation rental websites & hotel booking websites below avoid giving a personalised customer service experience but rather focus on automated bookings and pushing unwanted property listings onto your screen. Start comparing or Trust Us, and think quick when deciding to rent because these luxury houses are rented very quickly by locals & foreigners who visit Cartagena.

To be able to compare our best rental rates you will need to first submit the Reservation Form below. We will then send you the final Best Rental Rate for this House, which you can then use to compare to rental rates on:

- Booking.com: write - Cartagena Colombia Vacation Rentals. Booking.com is perceived as the number one source for booking vacation rentals and hotel rooms but travellers are quickly realising that they can get a human personalised service, better accommodation options and better rates if they book directly from the source. Also note the realistic possbility that your booking may be confirmed by Booking.com but when you arrive to destination you will not find anythig booked for you because the hotel or serviced apartment you booked is overbooked (Complaints & Praises: www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/booking_com.html) -  an 'overbooking surprise' and uncomfortability upon arrival  - which can never happen when you book or rent through us.

- Tripadvisor.com, Flipkey.com & HolidayLettings.co.uk (all share the same listings as they are one Company): write - Cartagena Colombia Vacation Rentals . If you visit one you do not need to visi the other because the offers are the same. (Complaints & Praises: www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/tripadvisor.html)

- HomeAway.com, VRBO.com and many other websites with them (share the same listings as they are one Company): write - Cartagena Colombia Vacation Rentals . If you visit one you do not need to visi the other because the offers are the same. (Complaints & Praises: www.consumeraffairs.com/online/vrbo.html)


Feel free to compare those Cartagena offers to ours, but do keep in mind that you may not find our offers on other websites because most PasionCartagena.com offers & properties are exclusive and are not popularly listed on the world wide web. Extra Service: When you visit the above websites you may find a serviced Apartment or House that you want to reserve. Show us that property and we will give you the best rental rates for that property or a better one.

  The benefits ABOVE are applicable only if you reserve by submitting the Reservation Form below.


Book/Reserve House: To book the house please Submit the Form below. If the Form does not appear please contact us. If this property is not available for the dates you request - we will offer you an alternative luxurious accommodation.





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